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How to increase the value of your membership magazine

We offer tips on creating a membership magazine that not only captivates readers but also serves as a valuable revenue-generating asset

1. Identify your publication’s purpose

To create an impactful membership publication, start by aligning clear content goals with your overall brand mission. Think about your organisation’s values and the reasons members join, ensuring that your content offers value to your target audience. By aligning your content with your mission, you will build trust and authority and directly resonate with your readers.

Depending on your content goals, you may identify the need for separate publications or to segment content catering to different audiences. Establishing a clear mission-driven content strategy not only supports your organisation’s overall objectives but also fosters engagement and credibility with your community.

2. Boost member retention

Publications are a great way to add value to a membership and make members feel like they’re part of an exclusive club or community. While it’s important to keep some of your content free to the public to attract new prospects, member-only publications will elevate your membership benefits and make them feel that their money is well spent.

To retain members, it’s vital to offer unique, useful membership content that feels equivalent to the monthly or annual membership fees they pay. Alongside a magazine, consider offering members webinars, podcasts, educational modules and exclusive interviews.

3. Build member relationships

Membership organisations unite individuals around shared interests, with many professionals seeking networking opportunities and connections based on common passions. Organisations that thrive on having in-person events with like-minded individuals may find a magazine a useful supporting tool to foster a sense of community. 

Through strategic content, an effective distribution network and robust on- and offline communications, your publication can facilitate networking among members and enhance the overall value they receive from their memberships.

4. Connect with sponsors

An engaged, passionate magazine readership will be an attractive prospect for sponsors who work in your industry, or one aligned to your organisation. Adverts, sponsored content and guest editorials are all fantastic ways to drive revenue for your publication while also providing added value for your reader.

Offer prospective sponsors attractive packages where they get discounts for committing to bulk advertising deals over a set time period. If you find their marketing skills lacking, offer to create an advert or piece of sponsored content on their behalf that fits with the tone and style of your publication.

5. Upsell your events

Use your publication to promote ticketed conferences, trade shows and training seminars. By delivering high-value content via articles and digital media, you can convey to readers that attending these events promises significant returns. Once a loyal readership is established, strategically placed promotions can boost event registration numbers, enticing members to participate in these valuable gatherings.