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The MOKO Collection

The MOKO Collection on the private island of Moskito in the Caribbean is the new go-to destination for ultra-high-net-worth individuals looking to get away from it all. We had the pleasure of stepping into this exclusive world to create branding and a new website for the Collection’s three (soon to be four) island estates

When the world’s richest one per cent are looking to let off steam or indulge in some R&R, they don’t just book into a five-star hotel. Instead, they round up their nearest and dearest and head to a private island. Moskito, in the British Virgin Islands, is just such a place – and maybe the most special of its kind in the world. A luscious leafy haven with white sand beaches that’s surrounded by turquoise blue seas, it’s a playground for all generations to enjoy.

The island is made up of ten privately owned estates, and three (soon to be four) of which have joined forces as The MOKO Collection and are available for private rental. These estates are the private holiday homes of a few US entrepreneurs and their families and where they themselves holiday when they want utter privacy. Salt Media was approached by the owners of estate The Village, tech entrepreneurs Michael and Xochi Birch, who asked us to come up with a concept, a name, branding, and a new website for this group of estates. 

The couple had been impressed by our creative publishing and design skills on one of their other projects, The Collective at Woolsery, and were keen for us to work our magic to bring the adventure and spirit of the island to life online.

‘What’s really special about The MOKO Collection is the level of privacy and exclusivity the island has to offer,’ says Salt’s editorial director Jo Rees. ‘Each of the estates is completely unique, plus they are unusual in that they are not part of a hotel group but private homes that just happen to a exceed five-star hotel experience. They are so special that we wanted to convey their spirit in the website through beautiful imagery and compelling storytelling.’

To gain a deeper understanding of the estate and Moskito Island, Salt directors Jo and Nick flew to the island to gain first-hand knowledge of the visitor experience. There, they spent a week at The Village as part of a group holiday with the estate’s owners and a group of entrepreneurs, in order to understand the experience as a customer would experience it.

‘It was important for us to get to grip with the intricacies of the island and each estate so that we could reflect each authentically in their brand and on the website,’ says Jo. ‘Each has its own distinct personality and is suited to different types of vacation. 

‘The Village, for example, has a youthful spirit with a hidden DJ booth, waterslide, multi-million dollar sound and light system, Mini Mokes and in-pool fire pit. It’s designed for maximum fun for groups of friends or even a high-end corporate getaway. The Oasis, meanwhile, has a more refined and relaxed vibe, while The Point is situated right by the beach, making it excellent for multi-generational family groups.’

Back in the UK, Jo, Nick and the Salt team worked closely with the owners to curate the story of each individual resort, capitalising on the wealth of imagery available to develop a concept for the island, create brand logos for each estate and turn that into a website to give visitors a comprehensive overview of each estate’s attractions.

‘We hope people will who visit the website get a real flavour of what to expect at The MOKO Collection. Through spellbinding imagery and captivating copy, we hope they can imagine the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this extremely special and enchanting island and feel compelled to experience this astonishing place for themselves.’

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