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Independent Coffee Guides

We love speciality coffee. That’s why we devised the Independent Coffee Guide series which helps bean geeks and brew freaks find the best speciality coffee roasters and cafes across the UK

We’ve been publishing the Indy Coffee Guides for over a decade, which involves trips around the UK to sniff, slurp and interrogate speciality coffee shops and roasteries. Those that make the grade – based on the criteria of dealing in speciality-grade coffee, being independently run and providing an exceptional caffeinated experience – are invited into the guides.

There are guides for different regions of the UK (England: The North, Midlands and East; England: The South, South West and South East; Scotland; Wales; and London) and the Indy Coffee Guide website is the home of the entire family and where coffee fiends can track down the latest edition for the area they’re hitting up next.

It’s not just us and the readership of coffee buffs who like the guides; the Independent Coffee Guide series also scooped two internationally recognised publishing prizes at the Gourmand World Cook Book Awards.

We’ve also published two editions of the Indy Cafe Cookbook, showcasing recipes from the UK’s hero speciality cafes and roasteries. 

Visit the Indy Coffee Guide website