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5 ways high-quality print can boost your business

Digital communications may be the quickest way to reach an audience, but tactile and engaging printed materials are a hugely persuasive tool for engaging customers, says Nick Cooper of Salt Media

1. Cut through the digital noise

Long gone are the days when doormats were littered with letters and direct mail. Most communications from companies are now sent by email, reducing the volume of physical post that goes through the letterbox.

This is good news for membership organisations: it means if you do reach out to your customer base with a beautifully produced printed communication piece, such as a brochure, your audience will notice it.

Even the smallest interaction with your printed materials puts your business front of mind for customers. And, if your recipients don’t have time to read it straight away, they’re more likely to set it aside and pick it up later – unlike emails which are easily deleted or lost in the inbox.

2. Boost brand recognition

Printed materials can showcase your brand’s products and services in a visually enticing way, creating an immediate emotional connection between your business and your existing and potential customers.

Use of your company logo, colours, fonts and taglines reinforces your message and builds trust and credibility. If you’re doing it right this, in turn, creates brand loyalty, transforming prospects into customers, and existing customers into repeat purchasers.

3. Get a competitive edge

Adding high-quality printed materials to your marketing mix differentiates your brand from competitors operating solely in the digital space.

For example, brochures provide the breathing space to share your brand story and USPs in a compelling and engaging format. And, unlike with email, you don’t need to cram all your messages into a predefined template. Arresting images, captivating copy and graphic-design flair will engage customers’ interest.

4. Promote your products

Printed materials such as brochures, reports and newsletters are also a useful way of presenting information in a structured format. By organising content into specific sections and providing clear, concise bulleted information, you’ll make it easier for readers to absorb and understand your products or services.

Reading printed materials is different to reading digital text: it’s more personal,
encourages reflection and enables customers to return and re-read with ease.

Clear calls-to-action can prompt readers to take specific steps such as making a purchase, visiting your website or getting in touch. You can also showcase exclusive customer offers to further boost brand loyalty and encourage purchasing.

5. Add brand value

A publication printed on high-quality recycled paper is a good way to add value to your bran.d Recipients will view it as a value-added extra, and feel they’re part of a club or community of like-minded people.

Print offers a tangible piece of communication which engages touch and sight through a multi-sensory experience. Potential customers can pick it up and interact with it, so it leaves a long-lasting impression.

Get in touch to find out how high-quality printed communications can be an effective marketing tool for your business.