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Coffee House Project festival journal

Infiltrating the coffee fanatic at the cafe

We had a blast at the inaugural Coffee House Project when it launched in 2018, so when the founders of the Bristol coffee festival, Louisa Parry and Sofia Simou, asked if we could use our marketing and publishing skills to help them get even more visitors to the festival the following year, we were happy to help.

We started with the obvious question: where’s the best place to find coffee connoisseurs? At cafes, of course. And the best way to tell them about the festival? Reading matter they could peruse while sipping their flat white seemed the obvious answer.

With a small budget we had to be creative so, drawing on our relationships in the industry, we secured sponsorship from South West juice pros Frobisher’s and created a joint promotional newspaper for the two brands. It was a win-win: Frobisher’s scored themselves a winning way of reaching an audience they were looking to work more closely with, while the Coffee House Project got the funds needed for an eye-catching marketing tool.

The newspaper needed to visually stand out in a crowd of cafe literature, be full of interesting features to keep readers attention, tell them why they shouldn’t miss out on going to the festival and be relatively inexpensive to produce so that we could hit Bristol and Cardiff’s coffee shops with a good deal of copies.

Working with CHP’s fantastic illustrator, photographers and wordsmiths, we edited, designed and compiled a contemporary newspaper that did it all.

‘Working with Salt Media was a total pleasure, from inception to receiving the newspapers on our desk,’ says Louisa.

‘To create the newspaper was a pipe dream for us but it become a reality after a meeting and a brainstorming session. The design team stayed integral to our brand and from first draft there were few changes. It was lovely working with the full team and we can’t thank you enough.’

If you think a publication could help you reach your target audience, make contact and let’s see how we could work together.