Selena Young

Selena Young

Dabbling in everything from copy writing and phone juggling to espresso slurping and website wizardry.

Abi Manning

abi manning

Crafting winning copy, social media and e-newsletters.

Mark Tibbles

Mark Tibbles | Salt Media

Want to know who’s who in the UK and Ireland speciality coffee scene? He’s your man.

Rosanna Rothery


Features, commissioning, punctuation fiendishness and effortless glamour.

Dale Stiling

Hand-crafted illustrations, creative ideas, brand logos, design and visual thrills.

Kathryn Lewis


Features, commissioning, social and lots of good eating and coffee drinking.

Claire Fegan

Crafting creative solutions for brilliant clients for Food magazine, Trencherman’s Guide and awards.

Tamsin Powell


Ensuring we never miss a deadline alongside creating fabulous events and eating canapés.