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The online incarnation of the 30-year-old dining guide that every restaurant wants to get into

Since it was launched 30 years ago, the Trencherman’s Guide has been the final word on the most exquisite restaurant experiences in the South West of England (read a bit more about the history of the guide here). Restaurants can’t buy their way into the book but are invited on meeting exacting criteria.

As The Telegraph food critic and TV broadcaster William Sitwell puts it: ‘Very few areas of the country have a guide that rivals Hardens or Michelin in terms of how it’s put together – the Trencherman’s Guide has really experienced food writers bringing their know-how and knowledge to it’.

When Salt Media took over the guide more than a decade ago, in addition to building Trencherman’s into the chunky guidebook it is today, one of the first things we needed to do was to give it a digital presence – trenchermans-guide.com.

We’re currently on website version 3.0, which incorporates mapping and search functionality, copy and images for all of the entries from the printed book. The site is also the home of collections of restaurant experiences, a calendar of member restaurant events, which the guide’s affluent readership can get involved with, plus other features and blogs that feed the Guide’s fortnightly email newsletter and regular social posts. Take a look at the site here. Read more about our work on the Guide here.