Indy Coffee Box

A different kind of product from the Salt crew …

For over half a decade the Salt team has championed the UK and Ireland’s independent speciality coffee roasteries via our Independent Coffee Guide series of books.

Our writers have toured the UK on the trail of the most exceptional coffee and worked closely with the speciality coffee scene’s industry pros in order to introduce our readers – coffee geeks, brew freaks and the simply curious – to the most unmissable speciality coffee shops and roasteries.

So we know a thing or two about what makes a damn fine coffee. And that’s why we launched Indy Coffee Box.

All about the quality

It’s a coffee subscription service like no other, because we only curate beans from indie roasteries that are good enough to get into the Indy Coffee Guides (that is, the best artisan roasteries across the UK and Ireland). And because the beans are sourced from top-quality roasteries across the entire geographical region, each month we take our subscribers on the equivalent of a coffee road trip as we introduce them to new and exciting coffees.

Creating the brand

We started this project from scratch. It required a bold look which tied in to the Indy Coffee Guide brand but which also had its own flavour. We echoed the solid rectangle stamp style of the Indy Coffee Guides brand to keep a link, then chose full on CMYK yellow as the signature colour and used an informal font set that talks to the target audience.

Boxing clever

We spent a lot of time creating a strong, quality box that would be fairly low key when delivered – we didn’t want them to get pinched out of people’s porches after all – but which opens to surprise and delight with its blast of bold yellow colour. And that’s before you even get to the coffee.

The big roll out

We created a website, social channels and a monthly magazine called Brew which subscribers receive with their monthly delivery to take coffee lovers on adventures in speciality coffee. Content created for the magazine is used online and vice versa which means less time writing copy and more time drinking coffee!

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