Meet the Salt crew

We love to push the boundaries and we’re obsessed with making beautiful things: not for us the corporate, tasteless or bland.

We work with some of the UK’s leading independent businesses and while we do branding and digital, we’re different to other agencies due to our knowledge of and relationships in the food, drink and hospitality sector, and our inhouse editorial and publishing team.

Want an inhouse magazine, brochure or book written, designed and published? Work in the food or hospitality sector? We’re your perfect fit.

Nick Cooper
Nick CooperDirector
Clear thinking, new business, strategic insight and client relationships. Founded Salt Media in 2003.
Jo Rees
Jo ReesEditorial + creative director
Ideas, words, pictures, art direction and strategy. Ex BBC Worldwide publisher. Founded Salt Media in 2003.
Tamsin Powell
Tamsin PowellPublishing + events director
Ensuring we never miss a deadline alongside creating fabulous events and eating canapés.
Emma Scott-Goldstone
Emma Scott-GoldstoneMarketing director
Building happy and fulfilling client relationships, digi geekery, new business, strategy, making things happen and keeping everything on track.
Claire Fegan
Claire FeganMarketing specialist
Crafting creative solutions for brilliant clients for Food magazine, Trencherman’s Guide and awards.
Kathryn Lewis
Kathryn LewisEditor
Features, commissioning, social and lots of good eating and coffee drinking.
Dale Stiling
Dale StilingGraphic designer + illustrator
Hand-crafted illustrations, creative ideas, brand logos, design and visual thrills.
Rosanna Rothery
Rosanna RotheryEditor
Features, commissioning, punctuation fiendishness and effortless glamour.
Mark Tibbles
Mark TibblesIndy Coffee Guide specialist
Want to know who’s who in the UK and Ireland speciality coffee scene? He’s your man.
Calandra Redfearn
Calandra RedfearnMarketing specialist
Crafting creative solutions for brilliant Food magazine, Trencherman’s Guide and Indy Gin & Artisan Spirits Guide clients.
Linda Weller
Linda WellerMarketing specialist
Crafting creative solutions for brilliant Food magazine, Trencherman’s Guide and Indy Gin & Artisan Spirits Guide clients.
Richard Bailey
Richard BaileyFinancial
Riding the business see-saw but maintaining balance
Sophie Ellis
Sophie EllisEditorial + marketing assistant
Junior wordsmith, crafting content and juggling projects
Amy Sargeant
Amy SargeantJunior designer
Making beautiful things
Selena Young
Selena YoungMarketing + editorial assistant
Dabbling in everything from copy writing and phone juggling to espresso slurping and website wizardry.
Josephine Walbank
Josephine WalbankMarketing + editorial assistant
Abi Manning
Abi ManningContent creator
Crafting winning copy, social media and e-newsletters.
Kate Fenton
Kate FentonContent creator
Copywriting, blogging and general top-notch wordsmithing