So many opportunities …

1. Don’t leave a bitter taste in their mouth

Coffee is the last thing customers experience at the end of a meal but it’s so often pretty awful. Good coffee doesn’t have to be espresso based, with the machine expense that goes with it. Think about pourovers, Chemex and V60s for theatre, ease and added value. To find excellent local coffee roasteries across the UK, check out the Indy Coffee Guides

2. Ditching the mile-long menu

A massive menu screams ‘food out of the freezer’ and ‘microwave’. Plus, they’re difficult to hold, hard to navigate, make choosing a chore and generally detract from the dining experience. Keep it simple, straightforward and easy.

3. Harnessing the power of menu design

Direct customers eyes to what you want them to see. The top right is the most viewed place on a menu and breakout boxes and highlighting are essential to showcase dishes you want to promote.

4. Identifying their customer-type

Create an avatar (your target customer with a name, picture, list of lifestyle and personality attributes, likes and dislikes, drivers, needs and wants) for your target audience.
Once you’ve created this and understand what they want, it’s much easier to know how to reach them and show how your product meets those needs. Make your messages to your target audience very specific and appealing; heal their ‘pain’ and demonstrate how you understand them. Then get ready for loyalty and repeat business.

5. Taking the upsell opportunities

Offering an aperitif as standard with an add on of nibbles, an extra bread basket opportunity, more sides to share, petite fours as an extra with coffee and dessert wine all offer lucrative opportunities that are often ignored. If you ask customers nicely if they want the extras it feels like service rather than selling.

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